Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise Rehabilitation is a form of medical based exercise prescription. It is used heavily in elite sport, but it can translate to everyone, as it is not only an AFL player with a knee injury that can benefit.

It is the natural progression from medical treatment, which focuses to reduce your symptoms, as it strengthens the areas affected making them more resilient to future complications. This is achieved by using different exercises to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility.

Who can benefit from Exercise Rehabilitation?

  • a mother with ongoing back pain from lifting her baby
  • a grandmother with arthritis
  • a weekend warrior with a tendon injury
  • an office worker with persistent neck pain and headaches
  • someone who has undergone recent surgery and wants to quickly get back to their previous level of activity

Exercise Rehabilitation is driven by strengthening the muscles, joints and ligaments to achieve a functional outcome. For example a carpenter that has had a shoulder operation needs to get back to work as soon as possible. An Exercise Rehabilitation program would identify all the movements and strength his body and shoulder requires to complete his job. A program would be prescribed that progressively strengthens the shoulder at incremental levels to ensure injury does not reoccur.

Victoria Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic works with you to develop Exercise Rehabilitation based on your needs. This plan will be written for you and home-based or gym-based activities will be prescribed. For further information or to book a consultation please call Dr Daniel Comerford (Osteopath and Accredited Exercise Physiologist) directly on 03 9787 7702. Daniel has worked in AFL for over a decade and has worked with many of AFL’s leading players and focused on returning them to play post injury.