Scoliosis Treatment

At Victoria Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic we take a conservative treatment approach to scoliosis management.

Our focus is early intervention where possible and providing non-invasive treatment options. Our integrated approach is individually tailored to the patient based on their specific curve pattern. The Schroth exercise program can be tailored for adolescents and adults with mild, moderate or severe curves. The Schroth Method and bracing we provide is 3 dimensional treatment of the spine in all three planes of spinal motion (sagittal, coronal and axial) with the objective of:

Halting scoliosis curve progression 1,2
Reduction in curve (Cobb angle) 1,2
Improved lung capacity 3,4,5
Reduction or relieving pain associated with scoliosis 6
Cosmetic improvement – Improved appearance 6

These treatment goals are dependent on the type of curve, curve progression and skeletal maturity. An individual assessment is required to determine potential treatment goals and outcomes.


About Us…

At Victoria Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic we focus on musculoskeletal health through the delivery of osteopathy, exercise rehabilitation, clinical pilates exercise prescription and scoliosis treatment via Schroth Method and Bracing. Our overall approach at the clinic is based on integrating three areas: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

The founder and senior practitioner, Dr Daniel Comerford (Registered Osteopath/Accredited Exercise Physiologist) has worked in professional sport for over a decade, which included touring with the New Zealand All Blacks, working as a Sports Scientist at Collingwood Football Club, Head Fitness Coach for Port Adelaide Football Club and Rehabilitation and Sports Science Coordinator/Osteopath at the Brisbane Lions.

Daniel’s passion in sport was rehabilitation, he was the medical liaison for injured players and returned them to play post injury. Daniel has continued his passion for rehabilitation in private practice applying his passion to the conservative management of scoliosis through the use of the Schroth Method and Bracing for Scoliosis. He has undertaken extensive training In Germany and the USA with Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss (Orthopaedic Surgeon), who is the grandson of Katharina Schroth, the founder of the Schroth Method.

Daniel works with Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss on specific patient management. He makes yearly trips overseas to ensure he maintains the most up to date knowledge for his patients and continues to undertake further study with both Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss and Dr Marc Moramarco (Schroth Best Practice Advanced Instructor). Daniel is fully registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia and is a member of Osteopathy Australia.

Dr Weiss & Dr Comerford - Osteopath in Gensingen, Germany

Dr Comerford – Osteopath & Dr Weiss – Orthopedic Surgeon in Germany


If you would like to discuss your treatment options or to make an appointment please call the clinic on (03) 9787 7702 or email


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