The short answer, Yes!

At Vic Sports & Rehab our Clinical Pilates is completely individualized and tailored to your physical ability and needs to help you achieve your goals. Prior to your attendance in a small group class, you are required to complete a 1:1 Initial Assessment with one of our qualified Osteopaths/Clinical Pilates Instructors. This assessment includes a full medical and injury history as well as a musculoskeletal assessment to ensure that we are accommodating for any injuries both pre existing and current. During the practical/exercise component of the session, your Osteopath/Instructor will constantly observe your body’s movement and technique to ensure that you are safe and completing the exercise correctly. This also helps prevent further injury and aggravation. 

At the clinic, we frequently use our Clinical Pilates classes as a way to help manage our patients’ exercise rehabilitation as we have full use of our rehabilitation studio. It is also much more cost effective than doing private 1:1 sessions and ensures that you are completing your rehabilitative exercises correctly and proficiently. We also find that checking in with our patients 1-2 times per week helps keep their home exercise routine consistent and we have a  stronger adherence to programs, which leads to even better results!

If you have been wanting to do something about improving your pain and rehabilitation please give us a call on 9787 7702 or chat to us at your next appointment.