At VSRC we regularly prescribe exercises to our patients. Our current process of writing the exercises on a sheet of paper isn’t the best, mainly due to Dan’s poor hand writing and Tracy’s interesting stick figure drawings, so we have decided to move to a software based application to make it easier and more legible for everyone! Trackactive is a platform that allows us to film all of our own exercise variations and share them with you. Luckily we have Jess and Isaac our two photogenic models to show you how to complete all of our exercises.


Trackactive is simple:
1. We create a program for you
2. You download the iPhone app
3. Open the app and login. All of your exercises will be there available for you to use. Also any new exercises we give you will be reflected instantly on the app
4. If you don’t have an iPhone we can email you a PDF or a link to your program that has videos and photos of all the exercises


Below we have complied a selection of some of the exercises we prescribe to patients to improve their lower back mobility. This is to be used as an example only and if you feel you would benefit from any of these exercises ensure you consult your treating practitioner first. If you would like to set Trackactive up on your phone earlier you can download the instructions here.