Now that you have booked your 1:1 Initial Pilates Appointment we can start working towards your goal! It is important to come in comfortable exercise clothing as there is a large practical/movement component of the appointment. Socks are necessary for hygiene purposes but if you purchase our ‘Intro Pack’ you will be given a free pair of grip socks!

Before the session, we will get you to complete a new patient form (even if you are an existing Osteo or Massage patient). It asks general information about yourself including a list of questions about exercise history and goals. Included on the history form is a medical history and consent form, which we then go through thoroughly with you.

Once the form is completed, your Osteopath/Instructor will bring you to the Pilates Studio and go through a medical, physical and injury history with you in more detail. This ensures that we have all of the information that we need to keep you safe during the classes and keep you working towards improving strength and mobility. We will also spend a bit of time with you determining your wants and goals out of doing Pilates so that we can tailor your programs accordingly. 

Following this we will get you to complete physical range of motion and strength tests to see how your body moves and whether you experience any pain, discomfort or stiffness. This will also show us if you have any strengths or weaknesses that will also help us design your program.

You will then be introduced to the equipment that we have in the room and be given a short explanation on how each machine works so you are a bit more familiar with them. We then spend a lot of time going through education about what is your core, how your back and glute muscles work to support your spine and other postural and movement advice. After all of this there is generally at least 20 minutes left where you will be taken through a series of exercises that will be a part of your future program. At the end of the appointment homework is then commonly prescribed to help practice and reinforce movements before your next session.

During the 1:1 your Osteopath/Instructor will be determining your level of ability to see whether you will require further 1:1 sessions or whether they are comfortable with you moving towards the small group classes. There is plenty of time during the session to ask as many questions as you need and we will always provide you with our phone number and email address if you need any more help from home!