Did you know that this week is Women’s Health Week? This is a great opportunity to set a reminder to set aside time for your health and wellbeing. Have you been putting off any medical care because you are too busy, or have been pushing exercise off to the side? Use this week to set a goal, create a new habit or tick something off the list! 

This week aim to make an appointment for a health check for that yearly blood test or skin check that you have been putting off, get active, join an event or simply connect with other women. You don’t have to do it alone.

This week we are going to be listing tips that we think may be helpful for your musculoskeletal health. Our bodies develop compensations with day to day function which is why stretching and exercising is so important. When we continue putting it off, these compensations can lead to pain and injury and can end up being a much bigger problem. This is why we are going to have a focus on recommended stretches, mobility exercises and a short exercise regime that can be done at home with ease, to help keep you on track.

Keep an eye out for these posts on our instagram page and please remember to speak to your Osteopath at your next appointment if you have any questions!