“I have creaky knees, it must be time for a cleanout!” This is something that we hear time and time again in the clinic from patients suffering from creaky, clicky or grinding knees. Knee arthroscopies (or commonly referred to as cleanouts) were previously common practice for this, recommended by general practitioners and surgeons as the.. read more →

Having a strong, well functioning core is extremely important for back strength, pelvic stability and posture. We constantly recommend core exercises for our patients to help with their injuries and the best thing is that so many of the exercises can be completed at home with little to no equipment. When commencing any exercise routine,.. read more →

As Osteopaths, we regularly see people to help with the management of their back pain and spinal related annoyances such as stiffness and decreased range of motion. Since lockdowns started, we have collectively all been seeing much more back pain and stiffness related to immobility. Within the clinic, there are many treatment styles that we.. read more →

Foam rollers are really useful pieces of gym and training equipment that can be used in many different ways. They come in many different sizes, lengths, textures and firmness that make it easy to choose which one you need depending on what you are wanting to use it for.  Traditionally, foam rollers are most commonly.. read more →

The Tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) is the anatomical name for your jaw. It is composed of the mandible and temporal bone, which is part of the cranium. It has some of the strongest muscles in the body such as the masseter, pterygoids, temporalis and hyoid muscles. These help move the jaw for speaking, eating and yawning.. read more →